Business Check Program

One of the many services the Sheriff's Office provides is the business check program. Deputies of the Uniform Division check both business and church grounds, making sure that no suspicious persons are in the area, all doors and windows are secured, and nothing is out of place.

These constant checks also have other benefits. On one occasion, the flooding of a church was prevented by a deputy who noticed a back door unlocked. Once inside, he discovered that a pipe had ruptured, spilling water everywhere. The church's representatives were contacted, and major damage was avoided.

If you have a church, business, or residence you would like the Sheriff's Office to patrol, call us at (912) 564-2013 and let us know. Below is one of our sample business check slips. Notice the comments section. If a deputy notices something out of the ordinary, or if we find a door or window unlocked, it will be noted on the slip so that it comes to the attention of the appropriate person.